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Communicating and Co-creating with the World of Nature Spirits (2016)

'Every single atom is in communication with every other atom connected through wormhole structures in the vacuum. Everything is highly organised, this is why Life can emerge... there is an agency making beings everywhere in the great co-ordinated dance.' *Nassim Harramein

An increasing number of talented and brave scientists are beginning to use the term 'beings' in their discourse, and this marks a major step towards mending a very significant link in the chain between the worlds of spirit and matter. Whether one uses a current term like 'vacuum' or 'zero-point', or one uses a more traditional word like 'ether', this vast, malleable, highly conductive and conscious realm is now being discussed openly. Our cultural history in the West shows us that from the 17th century onwards knowledge of the ether was made to disappear, along with the elementals and nature spirits who inhabit it.

For those who are new to the subject, let us look with a clear and unsentimental gaze at what an elemental is. An elemental can be described as a nexus of subtly primed consciousness and vitality working at the junction between spirit and matter. And a nature spirit? A nature spirit can be described as an organizing intelligence within and behind physical nature that oversees the order and measure of material form, and the setting of limits to matter. These hard-working beings are programmed and created by a sublime hierarchy of advanced consciousness, and their task is to carry out the instructions emanating from a realm of archetypes and formative forces. There are many steps down from the realm of the archetypes, and the great philosopher, scientist and seer, Rudolf Steiner, described the elementals as the last reverberation of the Cosmic Creative Word which underlies all existence. He described how the living cooperation of the elementals of earth, water, air and fire is the very substance of the etheric, or life body, of the Earth.

In the world of theoretical physics we have terms like 'etheron' and 'graviton' which attempt to define a unit of quanta, and while these terms do sail close to the definition of an elemental, to say that they are the same thing is to limit our view of creation. The elemental kingdom and its inhabitants are just beyond the ability of our modern sensors to detect, but they are not beyond our human capacities to detect. In his many lectures on the subject, Dr. Steiner described how we can develop the capacity to enter this supersensible, quantum realm if we learn how to awaken our dormant organs of perception. However, the major hindrance to entering the supersensible dimensions today is our insistence on mind-controlled reductionism. We think and explain and philosophise our way to something, but we cannot get to the essence - the intelligent being of the thing - this way. A higher qualitative understanding is needed.

We can no longer rely on a competitive display of factual data, we need to gain new capacities born out of a devotion to the Wonder of Creation. We have to learn to...

1. Move from words and concepts to an unbiased, reverential form of observation.
2. Cultivate a mood of deep respect and gratitude and then petition the being behind the form to reveal its wisdom.
3. Spin a thread of pure attentiveness to the nature being, then nurture and develop this thread into a substantial and repeatable line of communication.
4. Learn to diagnose and interpret the fine nuances of sensing, feeling and symbology received from this world.

A human being has the ability to become a highly tuned instrument of diagnosis, yet if we choose to enter into dialogue with the Living Book of Nature, we have to be prepared to meet a constellation of beings who know more about us than we do. They can read the minutiae of our soul and can bring us to our knees with their insight. This work is not for the faint-hearted, the fragile or the fanciful. At the Biodynamic Research Institute in Darmstadt this methodology of communication has been developed over many years, and the improvement in food quality and seed selection is a testament to the efficacy of their reverential dialogue with the nature spirits.

While there are of course some master-seers who work alone, this is not a solo journey. It is about the power of the group to compare, collate, collaborate and to find the next key question. Above all it is about the wielding of the power of Love. Love is the new science, Love is the new magic, Love has always been the purest carrier wave to truth and wisdom in our world... and beyond.

An Article by Susan Raven


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