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· David Brewer, London, UK - 25th August, 2020

The new album Charioteer is just wonderful - beautiful songs, great singing and playing, and so very timely. Thank you Susan!

· Martin O'Keefe-Liddard, St Leonards on Sea, UK - 1st March, 2020

Wonderful to listen to the BATGAP discussion, Susan. Anthroposophy finally gets a look-in. Maybe when you get a moment you could be kind enough to email me your prayer and petition to the nature spirits and elementals. Love your music too by the way. Kind regards, Martin

· Wendy Tee, Lismore , Australia - 17th January, 2020

I just watched your interview on BATGAP and found it riveting, at one point I had tears of resonance in my eyes as I listened to your words giving voice to what I know and experience. I will get your book today. Thank you for opening yourself to this finer realm and giving voice to all you know.

· Brian Scott Preston , Washington D.C. , USA - 12th January, 2020

I just saw your live interview on Buddha at the Gaspump. I can really appreciate your take on elemental spirits. I have always noticed the difference in the feelings in cert places and have always felt these things since I was a child; I never really thought of this as a perception of elementals until now. I have been thinking of driving around to Britain's magical, sacred sites.
I also had a chance today to hear your music-- it is magnificent and the poetry it conveys is very meaningful.

· Michelle Locher, Taos, New Mexico, USA - 28th September, 2018

Wow,I just listened to your talk on the "Lost Wisdom of the Earth" telesummit and then to your new still unreleased BEAUTIFUL song "We are the Truth" which gave me goose bumps all over, because a friend and I just earlier today had a dialog about EXACTLY what your lyrics convey, almost word for word..., it was mind blowing synchronicity...!!! Wow, I for sure am getting your new album and your book! We are two seeds from the same pod sister... and I too am a Nature Spirit lover, tree hugger and also LOVE Rudolf Steiner...;) You are a very talented beautiful soul sister...blessings to you... infinite love & gratitude

· George Halpern, Adelaide, Australia - 20th August, 2018

Beautiful and inspiring book - thank you! Cool smiley

· kulwant sathi, birmingham, UK - 20th July, 2013

I am interested in learning more.

· Betty Howarth, Hartland, Bideford, Devon, England - 21st January, 2013

Congratulations on producing such a wonderful book, Nature Spirits,I am on my second reading of it and trying to assimilate as much as possible. Have you got anything to say about foot and mouth disease, smollenburg, blue tongue that is hitting our farms?

· Bronwyn, Ruthin, Wales - 23rd June, 2010

I love both of your CDs - more please! Big Eye Smilesmiley

· Peter Michaelson, los Angeles, USA - 11th March, 2010

You should be famous - your music is GREAT - thank you.

· rob, barry island, barry, cardiff, wales - 23rd July, 2009

hi susan, met you at the barry island gig with nik turner, sound, very good,...hope to see you again, take care all the best,..rob

· John Garza, Durango CO, USA - 24th February, 2009

Hello Susan I just wanted to let you know that your music is among the favorites on our internet radio station Colorado Free Radio Durango. As well as among my personal favorites. You rock!!
John G Station Manager

· dawn jacques, cirencester, UK - 27th September, 2008

always knew you would be a star, remember you from school, loved listening to you even then

· Susan Raven, Ottawa, Canada - 21st July, 2008

Really enjoyed your lovely music, and we share the same name!

· David Jenkins, NYC, USA - 11th May, 2008

This is a very nicely designed website, and great music - amazing job. If you have a newsletter I would also like to sign up,
thanks again,
David, Filmbay Editor

· Laurentziu Roshu, Constanta, Romania - 12th March, 2008

merveilleuse !

· Julian Kent, London, England - 20th December, 2007

Hi Susan, I was lucky enough to see you perform at the Nuns Head last night and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your set. Satch was great too.

· Justine and Mike, Newlyn, England - 20th December, 2007

Hi Susan and Satch, just wanted to say hi, hope you got home safely and how lovely it was to meet you both. Look forward to meeting you again very soon, much love, Justine and Mike

· Gyn Armstrong, Swindon, England - 20th December, 2007

I missed you by about 45 minutes today, but Mark played me the Ravensong album anyway - and I've just bought it and Glittering Cities as I want to keep playing it! See you in a fortnight if I get my timing better. Gyn

· Gustav Bertha, Glasgow / Zürich, Ecosse / Suisse - 28th September, 2007

Hi Satch and Susan,
Just to let you know I'll spin a track from Ravensong on the next podcast. To anyone reading this... don't hesitate to buy the album: it's a wonderfully crafted masterpiece!

· Bill & Anne Lowe, Red Lion, USA - 4th August, 2007

Susan, this is absolutely some of the best and most beautiful music we have ever heard. You have a rich and lovely voice, outstanding vocals and excellent guitar playing. We were spell bound listening to the lyrics. Thanks for sharing your talent.

· tracey miller, rhuddlan, north wales - 10th August, 2007

dear susan&satch, i really enjoyed and will go on enjoying ravensong the words really speak to me, thank you peace&love x

· Steve E, St. Paul, Mn, USA - 3rd August, 2007

Susan, I love the lyrics and your voice. Many folks will hear your music as I cruise the St. Croix River. Come to Mpls and perform - we need ya!

· Yavanna, Braunfels, Germany - 24th July, 2007

Beautiful! Love it very much!

· Mark S. Greer, Wilseyville,California, USA - 22nd June, 2007

Wonderful. The whole package, wonderful.
Best Regards,

· Bonamici, Hyssna, Sweden - 14th May, 2007

Susan and Satch!
I just cried happily along with the songs and sucked the new album deep in to my soul & bones. It's SUPERB!!!
ol'Bon 8)

· Crosslight, Oporto, Portugal - 12th May, 2007

Hey Susan
I keep listening to songs of "Glittering Cities" on a daily basis, and to my great delight now I can listen to the superb "Ravensong".....
Suddenly I realize that your music is a significant part of my life.....thank you for that...

· Kenny Croughan, Prestatyn, North Wales - 11th May, 2007

What an opening to second album. In My Wings instantly became my favorite track as did Glittering Cities on the first album. Beautiful music Sung from the heart. An excellent second album Susan. Have a few ideas as to who Michael is, but still not properly sure.

· Keith Combs, Kentucky, USA - 4th May, 2007

I really enjoyed listening to your previews! Great job on everyone's part. Awesome songwriting!! Take care.

· Doc Quinn, Paris, Texas, USA - 9th March, 2007

Susan & Satch, Loved the previews of the new album! Thanks for sharing Loooove smiley
Great work by all involved.

· Jeza, London, UK - 4th March, 2007

Susan and Satch hi. Beautiful previews, excellent new website. Long awaited but well worth the wait. Super stuff from Steffe. Awaiting my cheque in the mail. I'll be back - Jeza

· mark wilson, Gallatin, TN, USA - 17th February, 2007

I really like your website. The pictures are wonderful , but in no way compare to the beauty of your soul!

· George Michael, Macungie, USA - 11th November, 2006

You are a glittering artist - Many blessings and happy musical trails to you.

· Pip Morison, Blandford Forum, UK - 22nd September, 2006

Have been listening to your cd again - it is superb. Moving to Wales soon so perhaps get together again

· DJB, Portland, OR, USA - 13th September, 2006

I'll take Donovan's approval above that of any critic. Your music is meant to be *felt*, not dissected.

· Crosslight, Oporto, Portugal - 16th August, 2006

A wonderful voice singing beautiful songs.... I just love your music...

· XZOOB, Milton Keynes, UK - 20th April, 2006

Very very nice Susan, hope to see you soon on myspace, hope you'll check me out, perhaps we could collab on a few.

· Vincent Leeds, Granada Hills, L.A., USA - 7th April, 2006

Simply the best. Susan's music inspires us all to try to be good humans, be good as you are. Such range and beauty. I have friends in Coventry, all my best to your success. luv ya.... Vincent

· Orit Lilach Baruch, Rehovot, Israel - 2nd March, 2006

Very beautiful songs, which get into your soul and connect you with the divine. Bless you for your creation and for the magic that you spread in your words and voice. Love from ISRAEL - part of the Raven family.

· Dolly Rappaport, Redwood City, USA - 8th February, 2006

Hi Satch and Susan!! I was just thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Mitch and I are doing great. Our 13 yr old daughter has become an excellent drummer and all around musician. It's amazing what wonderful gifts time brings us. Our youngest just started taking guitar lessons. My dreams of a family band are coming to fruition. Please let me know about your latest projects. We LOVE your music!!

· roland bowman, Port Haywood,Va., USA - 1st February, 2006

Hi Susan i left u a message in cdbaby. thats where i discovered you. Wow u gotta good sound and good looking too. Got it all sounds like. Anyway i like you cause you dont seem to conform to anybodys agenda as far as music goes. moon earth jupiter venus etc. also some nice eastern sounds in da mix. get a chance please holler back. I write and listen for originality. have u got a soundclick site? im there too. its good site for lotta exposure. thx for the tunes gf. much love roland

· Bonamici, Hyssna, Sweden - 22nd January, 2006

Hello again Susan & Satch! Have listened to all avilable songs now... I want to hear more.... sigh.... :) Love the songs, the singing, the band, the arrangements and the fresh and uplifting soundscapes of mixing and mastering! Congrats! Cheers Bonamici 8)

· Ben Makinen, Denver, USA - 3rd January, 2006

Happy New Year & Thanks for the :) over at cdbaby Susan!! I hear a wonderful blend of world influences in your music. Hope you make it to the states some time - don't think you'll make it through airport security with the sword and shield though ;)

· paul rhodes, mandurah, Australia - 23rd December, 2005

hello susan. what can i say but wonderfully inspiring music. your voice hipnotizes me. i love it. i feel so honoured to have been guided to your web site. would luv to see you down under. looking fwrd to receiving your cd. thank god for beings like you xxxxx

· D Hamilton-Grey, Holyhead, UK - 10th December, 2005

Love your site, love your music, want to hear more...

· Claudio Lar, Constanta, Romania - 2nd December, 2005

Fantastic Music. Thanks! I love these songs. All of them.

· Ed from the train, lutterworth, UK - 29th November, 2005

Hello Satch + Susan, your sound is fantastic. Satch you're a legend man!

· Laur Ro, Constanta, Romania - 2nd September, 2005

I love your music, so, I love you

· Nick Gaudin, Ludlow, UK - 3rd August, 2005

Thank you for the music, also the truth beauty and harmony that it invokes. A very welcome and uplifting C.D. that adds grace to my record collection.

· Aster, somewhere out there, USA - 7th July, 2005

I chanced to download one of your songs somewhere on the net and just had to get the album. Magnificent.

· Kipper Paterson, Stornoway, UK - 30th May, 2005

Celtic harmonies, 12-string guitar, haunting vocals and thoughtful lyrics. Buy this album - your sanity may depend on it.

· Charlie Pecot, Yucaipa, CA, USA - 8th May, 2005

I've been playing your music on my station for several years now - thank you for such inspiring songs.

· Robbie Robinson, Edinburgh, Scotland - 14th March, 2005

Robbie (tourist guide, Edinburgh) asked me to access your site and print off some of your lyrics. We really like them. Nancy Robinson

· Harold Keller, Newton IA, USA - 12th March, 2005

Such totally captivating music and lyrics. I love it!!

· Johan Lindstrom, Goteborg , Sweden - 17th February, 2005

Spirit with intensity! I feel the channel to the other world and am getting tears in my eyes...

· Stephen Morris, BC, UK - 25th November, 2004

Susan, just having a listen to Glittering Cities on the work pc - love it, anyway enough of that, would once again like to thank yourself & Satch for attending my birthday bash at the 3 Tuns, it REALLY was great to see you both there, best wishes & take care.

· Dun Strummin, Aylesbury, Bucks., UK - 6th August, 2004

The 12-string has always been one of my favourite instruments, so to hear it blended with your wonderfully emotive voice and wrapped up in some superb celtic atmospheres is irresistible!

· Yvette Stephens, Presque Isle, ME, USA - 29th July, 2004

What a wonderful sound you've been able to put together with your music. A nice variety of textures to your choice of instruments. Nice work!

· Marco Fossati, Biella, Italy - 17th May, 2004

Great music!!

· Terry, Peterborough, UK - 14th April, 2004

I bought the Album after 2 snippets - the sound is great and the title track is just awesome - a must for anyone that likes female vocals and great lyrics... Thanks

· Sue Klaus, Markham Illinois, USA - 8th February, 2004

Beautiful! Thank you!!!

· Michael Sky, Bear Valley, Calif., USA - 8th December, 2003

Uplifting, inspiring and pure as the driven snow. Thank you

· sam, ny, USA - 29th April, 2003

Nice work

· Chris Burnett, musician, Kansas City, USA - 22nd February, 2003

Excellent music and awesome website!

· rob, Gosport, UK - 23rd December, 2002

Listened to your tracks, really enjoyed - gonna buy the album - well worth it!!!

· Gilles Vittecoq, PARIS, France - 25th November, 2002

Very good music and emotional lyrics. I like very much your Celtic song.

· Steve Eisen, South St.Paul, Mn., USA - 28th October, 2002

What a lovely discovery - I stumbled across the most enjoyable set of vocals (ear candy) and can hardly wait to order Susan's' CD. Hope to see you in the states. Sincerely, Steve

· StarCat, Dublin, USA - 11th September, 2002


· klio, auckland, New Zealand - 7th September, 2002

Title track very good... haven't yet listened to any others. Shame there wasn't one to download, but I can understand that you'd prefer support in $$ terms! Hopefully you'll get it!

· Michael, hamilton ontario, Canada - 22nd August, 2002

Wonderful site. You are a great talent. May your many gifts bring you joy and prosperity. peace.

· Rod Underhill, San Diego, CA, USA - 28th July, 2002

Anyone who listens to Susan Raven will be taken to far away places located deep in one's heart.

· Rachel Ridener, Winchester, Ky, USA - 21st July, 2002

One word, excellent!!!

· Peggy Burnette, Cortland Ohio, USA - 21st July, 2002

What a wonderful treat!!! Hope there's plans to come to America. Beautiful music.

· Dan Herman, Roselle, NJ, USA - 1st July, 2002

Susan! After hearing the first 3 tracks upon receiving it today (July 1) I am utterly transfixed in joy! So much to say and crosses over so well in different styles and beliefs. This is music I will definitely air on my program.

· Volkmar H, Papenburg, Germany - 6th June, 2002

Very good alternative to radio mainstream Smile smiley I am really looking forward to hearing the music on CD at home. with best regards, Volkmar

· Silvio Guerini, Santo Andre / Sao Pa, Brazil - 8th April, 2002

Absolutly amazing !! Her music... her poetry... her voice... I love it all !!

· Pamme, Thousand Oaks, USA - 8th March, 2002

Hi, thanks for the fabulous sounds!

· Kim Novak, Austin, TX, USA - 2nd March, 2002

Susan's music is some of the greatest around! Thank you for sharing it with the world!!

· Mathias Claus, Frankfurt/Mainz, Germany - 2nd March, 2002

Hi Satch and Susan, most beautiful music, wonderful people. Greetings from Germany - Mat.

· Dolly Rappaport, California , USA - 1st March, 2002

Hi Susan and Satch! We are huge fans of your wonderful music. We are enjoying every note of your CD ! I hope that we can meet in person some day and have a family jam session. :) Dolly , Mitch, Ilana and Mikey

· Einabla, Denison, TX, USA - 13th February, 2002

This is absolutely some beautiful music. Lovely voice and some nice, clean accurate guitar playing.

· Steve Iannetti, Runnemede, USA - 15th November, 2001

Just stopped in to check out your new guestbook. Very nice indeed...

· Jimrie, Wagener, SC, USA - 15th November, 2001

hey, this is pretty kewl satch and susan! from a fellow fapper, i wish you both the best in your endeavors! great looking site!

· Rory Faithfield, Dublin, Ireland - 8th November, 2001

Fantastic! Purpose, power, passion and insight. Right up my street! I'd be honoured if you had a listen to NOWHERE SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE, either at my site or Artist

· Jack Garrison, Melbourne Beach, Flo, USA - 28th October, 2001

Would love to play your music on my radio show.

· Larry Michael Miller, Nashville, TN, USA - 10th October, 2001

Now, THIS is real music! Thank you Susan.

· Michael de Malpas-Finlay, Sunningdale, UK - 17th August, 2001

Lovely site - great music.

· Little Demon, Clarksville, USA - 20th July, 2001

Little Demon says...Susan Raven is Grrrrrrrreat!...makes my Celtic ears ring with pleasure...

· John Michael Zorko, Santa Cruz, USA - 16th May, 2001

...words don't do it justice, but I'll try: beautiful, gorgeous, absolutely stunning, ethereal, wonderous, rapt, engaging... just wonderful, wonderful stuff. The best to you!

· Ariane, Ohio, USA - 24th March, 2001

Hi, your music is very beautiful and the words are inspiring. I just had to come back to hear 'Saturn' before going to sleep, it's been stuck in my head all day, and I know it will be in my dreams tonight.

· Mark Smith, Canton, USA - 12th March, 2001

I celebrate the light in your music!

· Jeremiah Jacobs, Sacramento, USA - 25th February, 2001

I absolutely love it!!!

· Mike Emrey, Alexandria, USA - 12th February, 2001

Great music. I really like your sound. keep up the good work.

· Jubal's Tribe, Texas, USA - 10th February, 2001

Susan, thanks for your tunes. You have a way, girl. We checked out your stuff, and all agree, you are a goddess! Thanks again for your beautiful music. Come & visit us. Peace. Love. Blues.

· Nick, Stockholm, Sweden - 15th January, 2001

Hmm your Work is just Great Susan, Keep It Up!

· D. Ray Polk, Oklahoma City, USA - 13th January, 2001

Wow! I'm an instant fan. Glittering Cities is great, as well as the other songs I heard. I'm going to have to buy the CD. Are you going to be on TV, on video or anything like that? Well, if you ever get over to the States close to Oklahoma, I'll be there!

· Brandyn Briley, Atlanta, USA - 1st January, 2001

Beautiful music, evocative lyrics. Both challenging and reassuring. I'm so happy to have found this gift on my spiritual path.

· Rob Blaikie, Birmingham, UK - 19th December, 2000

Some really nice music here.

· Sudama, Santa Barbara, USA - 9th December, 2000

Impressive music! I'll check in again soon.

· Bud Bennett, Blacksburg, USA - 1st December, 2000

Oh my God Susan Raven is good. I know i just told her that yesterday, but today I listened to the whole of Glittering Cities and now I'm sitting here thinking about how much my writing sucks compared to hers. The songs Saturn and Glittering Cities are my favorites. Saturn is very thought provoking and beautiful. Glittering Cities is jam packed with interesting musical texture and evokes images of many lands and peoples and the idea that we are all one people here. I feel so good after listening to this album that I can't wait until monday when i get back to work and can listen to it again. I'm going to start saving my pennies to buy this album. I swear, it's fantastic. Susan Raven is a songwriter's songwriter and a vocalist's vocalist.

· Nina, London, UK - 8th November, 2000

Your music is a great inspiration and is well appreciated! Thank you for sharing it with us.

· Jamie, Phoenix, USA - 4th October, 2000

Hello! Congrats, you're now on wOrLD pOpROcK4poprock! You've been chosen because of the high quality of your songwriting, performance, and production.

· Yvette Hanson, London, UK - 6th November, 2000

This has been a really great experience listening to your album. All sucess is really well deserved and completely understandable!

· Elmer & Paula Stone, Palm Desert, USA - 17th October, 2000

We are unable to hear your songs on-line but we've heard you in person and we love your beautiful voice.

· Henry Jackson, London, UK - 15th October, 2000

A glittering experience that leaves me full of love for the rest of mankind!

· Ed, Bensalem, USA - 10th October, 2000

Hello Susan, all I can say is that you are a very fine songwriter and a true star in the making. Good luck.

· Peace Wilson, Knoxville, USA - 8th October, 2000

Excellent work! In many ways the best I've heard on overall.

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