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Workshop Testimonials

communicating and co-creating
with the world of nature spirits and elementals

"You created a beautiful 'space' in which to explore, test and trust insights. In so short a time I feel my understandings came together meaningfully, most unexpectedly, as if a window to Truth was just waiting to be opened. Thank you for having been the one to open the window!" Vivienne

"Thank you again SO SO much for a truly wonder-full experience Susan... and for your generosity of being and practical action." Romy

"I am so glad that we went, and feel much restored and gladdened by the whole week-end. I feel that you led it so beautifully, with wisdom and flexibility....May there be many more!" Rosa

"Thank you so much for a truly inspiring and uplifting weekend. It was so moving and rewarding working in that way and finding how many wonderful observations and messages came through. I will use those methods regularly from now on to connect with nature." Carolin

"Thank you for everything. The weekend we all spent together was deeply transforming for me. You are deeply appreciated by everyone there. I can't say enough about how wonderful your course truly was for me. Any small contribution we can make to your work helps all of us." Leom

"I hope this message finds you well. I just wanted to emphasise again the impact your book has had on me. It such a simple and accessible summary of such complexity, and I get more from it each time I read it." David

"I just wanted to say a 'big thank you' for the workshop, it was truly wonderful and a lovely group. I am looking forward to integrating it all into my work and life." Kate

"Your workshop had real substance!" Jenny

"Thank you for writing Nature Spirits. I already knew a lot... Now I know a lot more." Lisa

"Thank you so much for running the above course, at such a wonderful place. I thought your teaching was relevant and eloquent, and you were so empathetic; it was wonderful! I feel I have learnt loads, so thank you again." Belinda

"Well done to you for following your path and putting your work in the world, I really celebrate that!" Sebastian

"Inspiring, fascinating, it opened up the potential for doing something really useful in the world." Barbara

"Susan is providing such a high level of reinforcement for all we have seen, sensed and co-created with Spirit. I will be going over and over her writings in her book, so that I can find as clear a way as possible into the kingdoms with whom we are sharing this life." Steven and Renate

"I am sorry to have missed saying goodbye and thanking you personally for your wonderful workshop. Your presentation followed beautifully on your book which I was reading. I wish you success in pursuing your work to make people more aware of the beauty of Nature and the elementals who stand behind it." Jim

"Many thanks for the course, my fire's got new fuel, love and air. The group worked well together and I felt a link to everybody." Philip

"I do thank you very much for a lovely relaxed and very helpful workshop. I wish you well in all you do. I will never forget my time at Tyddyn, so special. With love and gratitude." Betty

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