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Susan Raven - Forthcoming Event Details

Communicating and Co-creating with
the World of Nature Spirits and Elementals

A Workshop with Susan Raven
on the weekend of 11th - 13th October 2019
at Urdd Centre, Canolfan Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire.

'The Nature Spirits are waiting to be reunited with us, and as emissaries of higher spiritual beings, they wish to be of great assistance to us at this time, but we have to step into their world and meet them in their own territory. It is time to engage in dialogue and relearn a living world wisdom from the elemental kingdom at this critical time in our evolution.'
*Nature Spirits: The Remembrance

How do we contact them? How do we learn from them?
How do we enter the dream-time of their world?
How do we interpret the sensations we experience with them?
And how do we begin to co-create with them?

At this gathering in the beautiful environs of North Pembrokshire we will be exploring the methods used for seership and communication prescribed by the philosopher, scientist and seer, Rudolf Steiner. We will be focusing on ways in which we can build a line of communication with the nature spirits, in order that we may receive information and insight into their world. By working together with the elementals - which reside in earth, water, air and fire - we can become responsible co-creators at this point in our history. In this workshop Susan will be describing the activities of the nature spirits in the landscape, in plants and in the human being. We will be looking at ways in which we can effectively help these generous inhabitants of the supersensible realm for the ultimate benefit of us all.

During the weekend we will be exploring:
1) Rudolf Steiner's 'Six Essential Exercises' for awakening supersensible perception, with special emphasis on control of thinking and control of feeling. (It is more important to be in a state of Grace than to be 'right' if you wish to enter the realm of the nature spirits!)
2) The significance of colour on the inner and outer screen.
3) The language of sense, sound and smell.
4) Protocols for greeting and questioning the nature spirits.
5) Ways in which the human being can help the elementals return to their right and proper sphere.

If the tree is diseased, let us seek entry to the world of the tree spirit and listen to the intelligence of the pathogen. If the land is sick, let us seek information from the Genus Loci and listen to the elementals of the soil. Above all, let us return to a respectful and interactive relationship with the vast community of nature beings with whom we share this sacred world.


Susan Raven is an experienced workshop facilitator and a long time student of Anthroposophy. She has worked with the methods and exercises prescribed by Rudolf Steiner for seeing into the supersensible realms, and has also trained with Dorian Schmidt, director of the Biodynamic Research Institute.

Susan is author of the book 'Nature Spirits: The Remembrance: A guide to the Elemental Kingdom', featured in the Cygnus magazine, Nexus, Star & Furrow and Caduceus.


Information and Booking

For more information about the course, or to book a place, please contact Vivienne: Tel. 01834 810385

Workshop Fee: £160 (includes all meals and shared accommodation).


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